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Since 2004, Da Vinci Pictures has been dedicated to providing quality,
loving care for pets large and small, and professional images for their owners.
Owner, Anne Marie Bond has over 30 years experience with animals - from
owning and training her own pets and horses, to working as an exercise rider,
to pet sitting for neighbors before there were 'pet sitters'.

Combining her experience with animals with her background in Motion
Picture Film Studies in Los Angeles, and years of experience as a
professional Video Editor, Anne Marie strives to capture the perfect image.
Having worked as an assistant in Equine Photography with world renowned
photographer Gail Bates, and now producing in association with
Gail Bates Photography, Anne creates dynamic marketing videos that
have captured the attention of the horse industry. From producing
the video for the top selling horse at the 2005 NRHA Futurity,
to photographing the Mayor of Sacramento with her cat for the cover
of the SSPCA magazine, Da Vinci Pictures is dedicated to providing
professional care and images for your animal world.



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